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eco friendly fundraisers with Bunch Bags Bunch Bags are a great fundraising product! Ask us how.

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bunch bags for everythingDiscover the many clever and innovative uses for Bunch Bags. Check out our list of ideas.

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CRESBI crates CRESBI crates are collapsible, reusable, environmentally-friendly. stackable boxes used for your groceries. This durable system for carrying your groceries is smart, flexible, protects your food and saves you time at the store and at home!

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Eco-Friendly Reusable Produce Bags

Eco Friendly Reusable Produce BagsBunch Bags are an affordable and efficient step in reducing waste. We exist to provide a product that will help our customers reduce, re-use, and recycle. With Bunch Bags, you can bag more produce, without producing more bags! Bunch Bags are reusable grocery produce bags that fit into your eco-friendly lifestyle, and can help end your plastic grocery bag habit. Bunch Bags are durable, lightweight, environmentally conscious and can easily be tossed into your home washer. Easily stored, “bunch” them up and take them with you on your next trip through the local produce aisle. Use Bunch Bags and help clean up our planet, one bag at a time! To purchase your own pack of reusable produce bags, click here!

Non Reusable Plastic Produce Bags Are A Global Crisis

Over one trillion plastic bags are consumed each year. Scientists estimate that it will take approximately 500-1,000 years for a single plastic bag to break down. Laws are already being passed requiring grocers to tax or ban plastic bags.

bunchbags for eco-friendly shopping

Use BunchBags for everything!

Starting with the simple step of bringing reusable Bunch Bags to shop may seem trivial, but it helps foster a mindset. Like anything else, the more of us who take this simple step of using reusable produce bags, the more it becomes the natural and right thing to do. We hope to see a reduction in plastic bags used in the marketplace, and hope for people to see how plastic bags adversely affect the ecosystem and all living things.

In the interest of continuing a cycle of growth and environmental awareness, Bunch Bags donates a portion of all profits to the Surfrider Foundation, and local green charities. This is just one more way in which Bunch Bags is taking a leadership role and making a difference in our world.